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Guided tours of Christiania

The Tour Guides Group in Christiania has been showing large and small groups round Christiania for over 30 years.

The Group was created because there was a need for an organized form of guided tours. The society around and about Christiania has shown great interest in seeing and hearing a little more about the "remarkable - exciting - scary - different - alternative" and the name given by the Danish government - "The Social Experiment" - Christiania. Christiania has always placed great importance on our relationship with society at large and so it is natural for us to look after our guests.

Everyone who knows or has heard of Christiania knows that there are many different 'truths' about the independent state. On a guided tour led by a 'born' christianit, both samll and large groups get a real insight into Christiania's structure and history and at the same time hear the guide's own 'truth' about Christiania.

Christiania is a survival success, especially because of the great enthusiasm of all the different people who throughout the years have given thousands of hours of voluntary work in the belief that Christiania is worth protecting, often in the face of opposition from both within and without.

The Tour Group is, like Christiania itself, a group of different people who have lived most of their lives in Christiania, and have taken part in both the political, cultural and social life of Christiania.

Guided tours of Christiania are not pre-scripted, where everyone has the same experience. Everyone is given a short factual historic summary, but after that guests receive an individual account of the Christiania story based upon the guides own experience, which makes each tour a unique event.

Tour guides are the living history, they have lived here, have seen it all happen, and many have been here since the very beginning. Last year's guided tour will not be the same as this year's!